Dexter Season 7 Episode 3

Dexter Season 7 Episode 3 | Watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 3

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Deb devoted herself to trying to “cure” Dexter in this episode, but if Marcus Bachmann has taught us anything, it’s that sort of flimsy reparative therapy is doomed to fail spectacularly. We are who we are, and Deb’s struggle to come to terms with that, which had her vacillating between being revolted by her step-brother and drawn toward protecting him, made this another hour of really intense, highly watchable and totally re-energized “Dexter.”

Sticking to the great pacing that the show’s utilizing thus far in this new season, the action picked up right after Dexter admitted his serial-killer secret to Deb. She immediately ran out outside and puked upon hearing the news, putting together that Dexter was actually the Bay Harbor Butcher, and that he must have set up Doakes to take the fall. Trying to counter-act her disgust, Dexter revealed that their dad Harry taught him the code and knew his secret too, cementing the fact that pretty much every male figure in her life has done her wrong in one way or another.

Give props to Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter for great acting in these gut-wrenching scenes. They’ve played them with the emotional depth and intensity of two people who have been married, dealt with Hall’s cancer and been divorced in real life.

The show is doing a good job at keeping the dynamic between the two on edge and constantly-evolving. For a brief moment when Dexter was making his case that he really only kills awful people, you could see Deb momentarily consider the perverse morality of Dexter and Harry’s code.

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